Bobbi & Gill (And Other Meteorological Phenomena)


Gill, a smart but awkward boy, and Bobbi, a thoughtful but tough girl in the midst of an existential crisis, meet when she defends him against a crowd of bullies. Although Bobbi assumes that their relationship will end there, the two are soon paired on a class history project. As Bobbi and Gill form an odd-couple friendship, she learns patience and sensitivity from him, and he reaches out from behind the protective shell he's created for himself. But when an unforeseen event happens, and Gill is faced with the loss of his first real friend, his patience and equanimity are pushed to the breaking point.


This film was shot in Georgia and Tennessee in the summer of 2014, with the working title "Breaking Glass," and was produced in association with Atlanta Workshop Players . It stars Brett Cooper as "Bobbi" and Glenn G. Bowman III as "Gill."


Written and directed by Zach Laliberte.